Caricom Magazine functions as a form of critical resistance to the racism that once disfigured stadiums, a space for the frustration and hurt felt by generations of black football fans, and a platform from which black creative practitioners are able to gain agency over the way they - and those they relate to - are perceived. 

Founded and written by Calum Jacobs – with design and layout by Shawn Sawyers – issue one of Caricom was produced in response to the inherent lack of diversity found in football coverage. By primarily enlisting help from writers, artists and designers drawn from the global majority, it made a co-ordinated and concerted effort to counter this. 

The inaugural issue explored the intersection between football and the black experience by mapping topics relatable to Black-Britons onto footballers. In doing this, it was able to connect to an audience desperate to see the aforementioned chronicled and deconstructed, while simultaneously breaking down ideas others were unfamiliar with.